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10 Funny & Unusual Confetti Alternatives for your alternative wedding

A Wedding is a great party to celebrate a love story, so one of my favourite bits of the day is the waving off from the ceremony, throwing confetti all the way. Confetti often gets forgotten in the planning, or passed over as old-fashioned and passe, but nothing could be further from the truth – confetti has had a renaissance in the last couple of years and a huge number of alternatives to confetti have appeared on the scene. So, i've come up with a collection of my favourite alternatives to traditional rice or paper confetti, perfect ways to guests involved in making your grand exit as memorable as possible.

Reusable Alternatives

Another idea to minimiSe your trace is to go for reusable things instead of confetti, and these can be lightsabers, bells, mini bells, wands with ribbons or letters and so on. They can be later used on the dance floor and at other parties and weddings. This way you’ll make your wedding more eco-friendly and your guests will have much fun with sparklers, lightsabers and bells.

ring the bells instead of usual confetti - a cool ecological idea, they can be easily reused later, for example, for Christmas

ribbons with letters on sticks are a fun and cool idea for a wedding, and they can be reused anytime for any party

monogrammed paper airplanes are great for a traveler's wedding or for a wedding of a pilot

colourful flags are a nice alternative to confetti, they are easily reusable and very cute

Glow Sticks are great for a party fun and you can dance with them after, on the dance floor

wedding wands with lace ribbons, mini bells and letters are a fun and cool idea for a wedding exit

Other Alternatives

Some more confetti alternatives are faux snow for a winter wedding, sparklers, bubbles, balloons and other stuff – choose what fits your own wedding theme and décor. The only disadvantage of such alternatives is that they aren’t eco-friendly but if it doesn’t bother you, choose what you like and what fits your decor.

colourful balloons are a fun and cool alternative to usual wedding confetti, they will create a party feel

sparklers are amazing to give a party feel to the wedding and they are especially cool for NYE wedding

bubbles are amazing instead of confetti, this is an amazing idea for a dreamy touch

Smoke Flares/Grenades you can either do this just as a couple or get your wedding guests to hold some either side as you walk through

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