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Family portraits | Galley Bay, Antigua | Lifestyle

Here's a new one for me. Doing a family portrait session in the Caribbean... This actually came off the back of the impromptu wedding I ended up shooting.(

Basically I had more work whilst on holiday in Antigua for a week than I had for most of the back end of 2020.

So, me and my girlfriend were laying on our sun loungers on the beach, when the heavens opened up in true tropical fashion. Across from us a couple were running from parasol to parasol trying to make their way back to their end of the beach. My girlfriend and I had started running back to our apartment which is when this couple decided to take shelter under our now vacant parasol.

Lydia being Lydia, decides to offer them our beach towels to use as rain macs to get them back dry(ish) to their room.

Lydia get's into a conversation with them and mentions my photography and the wedding I just shot. One thing led to another and they asked me if I'd take a few photos of them and their adult sons as they didn't have any real family photos and that the four of them aren't often together in the same place at the same time.

Of course I obliged, and they offered me payment, to which I said not to worry. They insisted on paying something, in the end we decided that a donation to a charity of my choice would be most appropriate.

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