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Ruth & Ad | Galley Bay, Antigua | Destination Wedding

This year has been pretty pants. As a photographer I can attest to this, I've had client and personal cancellations.

I've had 5 concerts and 4 holidays this year fall victim to the global pandemic. I suppose in the grand scheme of things I still have my health, of which I'm eternally grateful.

After having all of my holidays cancelled, my girlfriend and I decided to go away for Christmas, we were determined to escape anything COVID related. We went on the government website and checked all the corridor destinations. ANTIGUA!! YAAAS! We threw all our money that we got from refunds from all the other holidays and put it into one 7 day luxurious Caribbean holiday.

We arrived at our resort Galley Bay in the Five Islands Village and were greeted by our porter, Javid, very bubbly, everything you'd stereotypically expect from a man living in the West Indies.

On the way down to our room, he informed me that our apartment neighbours were getting married and how he was excited to be the honorary best man.

ME: "Do they have a photographer? haha"

JAVID: "No man, you a photographer?"

ME: "Heck yeah, thanks for the tip off!"

That night I slipped a note under their door saying that I would offer my photography services if they needed them.

The next day I was approach by Ad & Ruth. Long story short, I ended up shooting their wedding and gained two new friends!

#Loveisnotcancelled #destinationweddings

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