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Benji North Photography | Laidback, Authentic & Fun Wedding Photographer | Kent, Surrey, London, UK & Destination



I like to keep things simple.

Every wedding I shoot includes a pre-wedding consultation where we’ll chat about all your plans so far.


It’s a chance to go through timings and to choose which group photos you might want so that everything runs easier than Lionel Richie on Sunday morning.

10 hours of me being your photo hoe (phot-hoe, if you wish) on the wedding day, which usually covers preparations up until just after the first dance.

Extra hours are available if you just can’t get enough of the Benjisms.

Around 500 edited images are delivered on a granny-friendly online gallery that you can spam all your friends and family with. All images are un-watermarked and have a license to print however you wish.


Perfect for making that custom apron.


*Includes irresistible £1 discount*


++ ADD-ONS ++


An engagement session is like a pregame warm-up for your wedding day, a chance to flaunt your love in front of the camera, without any stress or anxiety.


With me by your side, playing the role of your personal cheerleader and hype person, you'll be too busy cuddling, giggling and making funny faces at each other to even remember that there's a camera involved.


By the end of the session, you'll be feeling like you just aced your photoshoot and ready to give Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds a run for their money.*

*Disclaimer: No guarantees that you'll actually become the next power couple, but we'll have a ton of fun trying!


Get ready for some cloning magic.

Before your big day, I jump into my trusty cloning box and presto out comes another Benji!


That's right, with two of us running around, we can capture twice the amount of candid shots and memorable moments.​

But don't worry, our clones won't look identical - I mean, who wants to see double the amount of me, am I right?


Instead, our second shooter will be another skilled photographer with their own unique style and vision.


Together, we'll capture all the love, laughter, and happy tears of your special day from every angle.


Picture this: your wedding day captured in a fully edited, epic trailer-style video. It'll be like watching your own personal 5-10 minute blockbuster movie, complete with all the heartwarming moments, tears, laughter, and dramatic slow-motion shots.


And that's not all - you'll also get a video of the entire ceremony and speeches, so you can relive those special moments over and over again.

BUT wait there's more, I will also create a 60-second highlight reel perfect for sharing on social media.

I'll be like your very own Spielberg to your Tom Hanks or your Christopher Nolan to your Leonardo DiCaprio. With my camera skills and editing prowess, I'll turn your wedding day into a cinematic masterpiece.


I'm not just your ordinary wedding photographer.

I'm a party animal, ready to hit the dance floor and capture all the wild and crazy moments of your reception.


From your grandma doing the Macarena to your best man doing the worm, I'll be there with my camera, snapping away while showing off my sick dance moves.

But don't worry, I'm not just here to party. I'll be taking pictures in between busting the most epic shapes, making sure to capture every drunken moment of your alcohol-fueled celebration.


So let's get this party started and make some unforgettable memories together!

+ £400

+ £400

+ £600

+ £400

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