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Well Hello, lovebirds & photography enthusiasts!

The core of my portfolio, both showcased on my website and through social media, represents the photography elements that truly reflect my passion.

Think about symmetry, reflections, and those camera techniques like using prisms and double exposures. This creative aspect isn't just a standalone feature; it opens the door to something deeper.

Imagine this: a burst of emotion, hearty laughter, and a genuinely enjoyable mix that paints the picture of your wedding day.

If those impressive portraits brought you to my website, get ready for something truly unique. Genuine connections and those naturally occurring, imperfect moments will be the highlight of your unforgettable love story.

The MantlePiece HeroeS

You know those photos you just can't help showing off again and again? They're like a story you treasure, and you're just itching to tell it over and over.

These pics often feature lovey-dovey couples, totally basking in their love glow, or lively group shots that mix a bunch of personalities, each adding a splash of uniqueness to the big canvas of life.

And let's talk about how cool it is that these photos are more than just, well, photos. They're like snapshots of our journey, like visual reminders of all the cool stuff that's shaped us.

They're proof of the superpower that is capturing a moment and turning it into a real piece of our story, something you can hold, admire, and share with everyone. So next time you look at those framed shots, just remember, they're not just pics; they're a piece of the adventure, worth reliving over and over.

The Unscripted Moments

Unscripted photographs are like those spontaneous, unplanned moments that catch you off guard but end up being the absolute gems.


They're not your typical posed shots with everyone saying "cheese" - no, unscripted photos are the real deal, capturing genuine laughter, unexpected glances, and candid interactions.


They're the snapshots of life as it happens, unfiltered and unposed. These are the shots that tell the untold stories, the ones where emotions are raw, and authenticity shines through.


Unscripted photos are the magic of the moment, frozen in time, and they carry with them the essence of the genuine, unedited life we live.

Shine on you Crazy Diamonds

The wonderfully quirky and creative photos, they're like these captivating pieces of treasured art you proudly hang on your wall.


They're not your run-of-the-mill snaps; oh no, they're the ones that make you pause, ponder, and see the world in a whole new light.


Abstract photos, they're like visual poetry, playing with shapes, colours, and textures in ways that challenge your imagination. They might not shout out the subject loud and clear, but they speak volumes in terms of creativity and interpretation.


They're the kind of shots that provoke thought, ignite conversations, and make you appreciate the beauty in the unconventional.


When you gaze at these artistic photos, it's like having a secret gallery right in your space, where each image has a story to tell, a mood to set, and a unique perspective that adds a touch of elegance to your surroundings.