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I'm not big on labelling my work as a specific style – I just photograph the way I photograph.


If you're looking for someone who's skilled in storytelling and providing you with a genuine collection of images from your wedding day, I might just be the right person for you!

My job is to tell your story.

You've probably come across the same phrases over and over as you search for a photographer – unobtrusive, fly on the wall, documentary style, and so on. But that's not quite my approach. I don't hide from what's happening. In my opinion, the best photos are captured right in the middle of the action. And that's exactly where you'll find me throughout your big day – having a blast with you and your guests.

I shoot from the perspective of you and your loved ones. This gives your final set of photos a unique personality and style that truly represents your wedding. You'll definitely know I'm there, and I'll be having fun with everyone. My role is not only to document your day but also to complement it.


When there's a friendly photographer around, it puts you and your guests at ease. Plus, it means everyone lets their guard down and enjoys having me there to capture all the amazing moments.

When it comes to wedding photography, My approach is pretty straightforward


Blend In

Be Cool

Take Photos

Remember to Drink Plenty of Water

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