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Alternative & Creative
Kent Wedding Photographer & Videographer

For Cool, Fun & Laidback Lovers


Alternative, Creative & Unforgettable

Step into my world, where love isn't just a word – it's the heartbeat that guides every moment. Your story, your big day – they're not just events, they're the canvas for your genuine emotion and timeless beauty.

Get ready to be swept away by a wedding photographer who's far from ordinary. I'm a dream weaver, a memory sculptor, treating each photo as a work of art. I'm all about the real, the unscripted. From those unspoken glances to the tightest of embraces, my lens captures the essence of your love, turning it into precious treasures.

My approach is as unique as your love story. I don't just snap pictures; I capture the soul of your day. I love the laughter, embrace the tears, and freeze those fleeting moments that tell your love story in the purest way. I'm all about the details, ensuring every photo resonates with the authenticity that defines your unique love.

In a world full of clichés and posed shots, I stand for authenticity. I create a space where you can be your true selves, where your love shines without limits. I'm not just a photographer; I'm here to help you preserve the moments that define your journey, your joy, and your love.


So, if you're on the hunt for a wedding photographer who sees beneath the surface, thrives on real connections, and turns everyday moments into extraordinary memories, then let's start this amazing journey together. Let's capture the real you, the genuine love, and transform it into art that will be cherished for generations. This is your story, your love, and I'm here to tell it, frame by beautiful frame.



Benji Film002.jpg


Welcome to my world of Creative Kent Wedding Photography, where each shot tells a vivid story, and every memory becomes art. I'll capture the heart of your special day, those cherished moments, and the genuine emotions that weave your love story into a joyful connection.

Weddings, for me, are all about family and those fleeting interactions that bridge generations, creating timeless moments. From elegant to eccentric, I'm committed to capturing your day authentically. No stiff poses – we're here to celebrate the spirit of love, laughter, and the unique quirks that make your wedding truly yours.

I jumped into wedding photography with a rebellious spirit, breaking free from the usual industry norms. I craved creativity and collaboration with you, the adventurous couple, to craft images that reflect your vibrant love story. Together, we'll create art that radiates the essence of your love.

As a specialist in love-struck storytelling, I offer a refreshing alternative to the traditional Kent wedding photographers. My style captures the magic of the moment as it unfolds, no reliance on post-production tricks. I focus on spontaneous, authentic expressions that speak volumes.

On your big day, I'll use glass prisms and whimsical objects, transforming ordinary scenes into extraordinary artistry. I embrace the unique beauty in unconventional places, capturing the emotions, laughter, and love that fills the air.

Expect a sprinkle of laughter, spontaneity, and joy when working with me. Let's create wedding photos as delightful as the rest of your magical day, preserving those cherished memories.

So, if you're ready to jump into this artistic adventure, to create timeless stories together, and find the extraordinary in the ordinary, let's turn love into art. Let's laugh, be bold, and embrace the uniqueness of your heart's desires. Together, we'll tell your story with passion, art, and love.


No need for pretense, my wit will bring forth genuine smiles, no fake grins required


Just chill vibes.

I just blend into the crowd... blend, like a photographic smoothie?


Literally Zero Cheese

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 Eat, Sleep, Rave Reviews, Repeat. 

"Maaaaaattee these photos are sick!

You're sick! Thank you for your genius skills.

Thank you for being such a fantastic photographer/friend!"

Amalie & Phil

"Benji, the photos are bloody amazing!!! We absolutely love them!!​

You are a superhero!"

Georgia & Jamie





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